Is it bad for my dog to drink chlorine water?

she always has fresh water available and i change it out twice a day but she only drinks it when it first comes out. instead of her water bowl she drinks from the pool... a lot!!!! and its chlorine!

I wouldn't suggest allowing the pet to drink the chlorine water.

Check with a vet!

The worst it will probably do it make her vomit. Think of the amount of kids who probably swallow pool water. It doesn't kill them.

Solution: only allow her access to the pool when supervised.

no it might up chuck but its not bad bad its just like regular water to them

Let her.

I suggest getting a pool cover? A little chlorine wont hurt, but its very hazardous if you get too much. i mean we all swim, and even if we swallow a little it doesnt hurt. but drinking it all the time could probabley hurt your dog. if you keep the dog outside durring the day or all the time or whatever, you might want to build a cage for your dog (a big one, not a tiny cramped one..) so your dog wont get into the water... hope this helps!!


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