My dog hates/barks at only this one person?

I just adopted a small chihuahua from the vet, and ever since then he has barked continuously at my brother who comes over each week for our family video game night. We can't get him to stop so we have to put him in the upstairs bathroom and he still barks. We have tried everything from bark sound controllers, and bark collars. I have a hard time understanding why he does this.

Please any feedback would be great


Animals can sense evil.

maybe your dog needs to connect with your brother since neither of them are going anywhere, they should learn to get along. Dogs are good at reading people. try having time set aside on those nights so the dog can interact with your brother. Have some treats handy for good response. the treats will be a distraction for the dog and a large bone will keep him busy during the visit so he doesn't need to be placed away.dogs need to be trained to get along with relatives just like a single child excepting a little new sibling. It can be resolved with time, attention, and patience.also the bark collar isn't a good teaching tool it is like punishment rather than a lesson of manners. try having your brother command the dog than reward him. this may give an opportunity to see your brother as a treat and not a threat, his visits may become looked forward too.

Your dog may just be intimidated by your brother. Many dogs cover up that they're afraid by being aggressive. I would spend an evening introducing him to your brother so that they he won't be afraid of him everytime he comes over. Make sure that you're with him while in the room with your brother and don't force him into his lap or anything. Have you and your brother play with him to show him he's alright. Don't pressure your dog into liking someone, but kindof ease him into knowing he's okay and that he won't hurt him.

Whether he dislikes your brother or not, your Chi is NOT in charge.

And if your brother is trying to acknowledge him while he is in this state of excitement ask him to stop. The more attention you give negative behavior the more they will do it.

When he starts to bark give him a stern NO and use a nice spray bottle full of water.

Often this will work. If that doesn't, tell him NO and shake a can of coins.

My dogs shut up real fast when they hear the coin can.

my beagle does the exact same thing with my brother. you know they say dogs can see angels and demons. this one time when i was staying over at a friends , her dog got up and started waging its tail at thin air and tried being playful with it. there was no one around the dog and it was facing an empty corner. another time my dog would just start growling in the middle of the night when there was no one around...go figure. animals see things we dont see, my rabbit has similar instincts. sometimes he stands on his hind legs as if trying to reach a figure, and its not stretching, you should see him do it, you would know...

My guess is that your brother hasen't been here long enough for ur chihuahua to trust him. My puppy barks at my dad because my dad's always mean to him and my puppy barks at random people as well. Also I heard that if you get youer puppy neutered, they won't have temper-tantrums. Bring you chihuahua up close to your brother (Put a muzzle on him) and let your bro. pet him and feed him in his hands (Oh treats as well!) And I hope it will go for a bond of trust!

Hopes this helps! :) :)

By the way do NOT try bark collars.Your chihuahua has developed a fear against your brother.Also shock collars are a big NEGATIVE.If you put a bark collar it will also develop a fear against that collar and may make the dog want to bark more.

he does this cuz he is protecting you. give ur brother some turkey or some people food and put them both in a room and shut the door. ur brother will show his back to him and move in slowly with no sound. this may take a while but trust me it works.

I would say the chihuahuas was abused in the past and your brother reminds the dog of the abuser. just give it time. Congrats on getting a chihuahua. aren't they great?

lol maybe your brother has done something to your dog, but also dogs are good at judging characters, worst case scenario is that your brother is a rapist out to get your family and your dog senses it( lol it could be possible)

Is your brother a big or tall guy? Sometime chihuahuas are frightened by tall people.

dogs are wonderful judges of character, maybe there is a good reason that your dog doesn't like your brother.

Chihuahua are loud dogs they will bark at anything

he must have done something bad to the little guy so he doesn't like him

or he senses badness in him ??? not sure

first answer is the right one.


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